14 Most-Loved YouTubers You Need to Follow Now

YouTube has become a part of our everyday lives. From step-by-step tutorials to casual watching content, YouTube has got it all. Among the large pool of YouTubers, there are a few that I genuinely trust and enjoy. Here’s my list of favorite YouTube channels (classified into categories).


In this category, we have hair, skin and makeup YouTubers. I love shopping online and I prefer watching reviews before I make a purchase. Be it lipsticks, haircare or even foundations, I buy them all online. Every time I need to buy a product or need a hack, I always search for reviews or tutorials from below content creators.

1. Shreya Jain

Shreya Jain is a famous Indian YouTube creator. She has been in the industry for over 10 years. She had initially named her channel Sjlovesjewelry. Her fam loves her for her honest reviews, stylized swatches and down-to-earth persona. Shreya’s channel also has loads of makeup tutorials and artistic looks for makeup enthusiasts. Her content is creative, knowledgeable and includes affordable and high-end options.

Shreya also has her own merch called SJ Merch. SJ Merch has candles, mugs, notebooks and t-shirts in stock. In her own words, the merch is her own way of getting closer to her #SJFam. In sync with her content, the merch is affordable and worth every penny.

2. Kaushal

Kaushal is a beauty and makeup YouTube creator, from England, with Indian origin. She has been on YouTube since 2010. Her videos range from makeup tutorials to makeup reviews and all things makeup. She has a loyal fanbase that appreciates her for her authenticity and quality content. Kaushal does not shy away from being real in front of the camera. From gray hair to natural skin, she flaunts it all.

Kaushal also actively discusses and promotes positivity and healing. She also runs a blog named Just Kaushal.

3. Doctorly

Doctorly is a channel run by dermatologists, Dr. Shah and Dr. Maxfield. They discuss various skin and hair issues and provide over the counter and clinical solutions. Their audience loves them for the breakdown of ingredient lists and expert opinions.

Their channel is all about educating people, as their tagline (Education, Not Influence) suggests. The channel is only a year old and they already have about 874k subscribers. The subscriber count alone boasts enough about the quality of their content.

4. Cassandra Bankson

Cassandra is a skin expert and an American model. Her debut in YouTube was in 2010. She promotes self-acceptance and demystifies the beauty standards through her content. Her content exudes positive criticism backed by facts. From decoding the Kardashian brand to calling out the misuse of filters, she has all the tea and knowledge wrapped together for you.

Cassandra has had her own acne journey of 15 years, which makes her relatable and reliable. Her channel also claims to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

5. Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo is a New York based hairstylist and YouTube creator. His videos are quirky and entertaining. His most popular videos are his reaction videos and, DIY haircut and coloring tutorials. Brad uploaded his first video in 2015.

He educates his audience on how to please the Hair Gods with his tips and tutorials. He has a loyal fanbase of over 7M. The hair stylist also runs his own brand XMONDO. XMONDO has a variety of haircare and hair color products. The website also has a hair quiz which guides you to find your hair’s perfect fit.

6. Sarah Angius

Sarah is an ex-hairstylist, hence an expert in up-dos and has various styling tips and tricks up her sleeve. Her tutorial videos on YouTube are easy to follow and give chic and professionally done results. She is also famous for her Instagram 1minute tutorials, which impressed the audience immensely.

She was born in Iraq and has been on YouTube since 2015. Her audience loves her for her simple yet useful content. She also shares a bit of her life once in a while, which connects her further to her audience.


I don’t follow new launches of technology. I look for knowledge on devices and software only when I need to buy something. At that point, I thoroughly research everything before I make a final decision. I have listed my favorite technology YouTube channels below.

1. Geekyranjit

Ranjit is an Indian YouTube creator who has over 30 years of experience with computers. He posts videos about gadgets and smartphones. He has been on YouTube since 2011. His content includes reviews, top 10s and gadget comparison videos.

Ranjit’s USP is his immense knowledge and attention to detail. His subscribers love him for his blunt and unbiased opinions on brands and products. He calls a spade for a spade and does not shy away from talking about big names.

2. Mrwhosetheboss

Arun Maini is the founder of the YouTube channel, Mrwhosetheboss. He makes videos about technology and gadgets. He is British-Indian and started his YouTube journey in 2011. Despite being an Economics student, he has vast knowledge of technology and gadgets. His videos are to the point and detailed.

He runs various tests on devices and provides in-depth reviews on products. His audience loves him for his presentation skills and in-depth reviews. Arun Maini is one of the most loved technology YouTubers, and his work justifies the appreciation he receives.


Entertainment is very subjective. My choice keeps changing too. However, Bollywood, feel-good content and standup comedy are my staples. Here are a few of my current favorites in terms of entertainment.

1. Only Desi

Only Desi, a YouTube channel run by Ankit Patel, is your one stop for Bollywood parodies. Ankit has been uploading videos since 2014. His videos are parody trailers of Bollywood movies. If you are a 90s kid, you know how entertaining yet cringe 90s Bollywood was. Ankit is going to remind you of just that, all in good humor.

His fans love him for his unique content and out of the box thinking. Ankit has earned over 700k subscribers, despite not being regular with his content. His audience has come to terms with the fact that Ankit can pop out of his shell whenever he is ready, because the quality of his content compensates for his inconsistency.

2. ExplosmEntertainment

ExplosmEntertainment is a studio that creates comic animation videos. They made their debut in 2009. Their content is funny, creative and offbeat. They post short videos thrice a week. One of their series ‘Cyanide and Happiness’ has received the most love from their audience.

The channel has over 10million subscribers. They also have their own merch named ExplosmEntertainment Store. The store has t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and masks.

3. Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is an Indian-Canadian creator. She started her YouTube career in 2010. She posts funny videos which include skits and celeb interviews. Lilly has grown consistently over the years, from being a YouTuber to having her own show on TV. The audience loves her for pushing boundaries and speaking up for the colored community. She is the first bisexual woman of color to be a TV show host.

Her videos also address the stereotypes, empowerment of minorities and LGBTQ+. She also has a separate channel for her vlogs, named Lilly Singh Vlogs.

4. Aashna Hegde

Aashna Hegde is an Indian content creator who started her journey from TikTok. She eventually spread her wings across YouTube as well. She has been posting lifestyle videos since 2019. Her videos feature her family and friends. Her viewers love her camaraderie with her sisters and the fun challenges she does with her friends.

People also love her for her relatability. From having emotional conversations with her audience to sharing her journey in a Ted Talk, Aashna has hit the right chords with her audience. She is also a singer and has featured as an actor and singer in multiple music videos.


Fashion has slowly found its place in our lives. Outfits, accessories, shoes and bags have all become a part of our image and character. I love watching fashion content for comfort and inspiration. Here are my favorites.

1. Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana is an Indian content creator. She has been posting fashion and lifestyle videos since 2014. Her videos comprise hauls, OOTDs and outfit compilations. Her viewers love her for her relatable and practical outfit ideas.

She also posts videos related to her life, family and relationship. Her travel vlogs also make appearances on her channel occasionally.

2. Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey is an Indian YouTuber in the fashion genre. The influencer started her journey as a member of PopXO, a YouTube channel. She was the most loved actor by the audience. She eventually parted ways and started her own channel in 2017.

Komal posts fashion compilations and aesthetic fashion content. Komal has received divided response for her content because of her experimental styling. However, her audience loves her for her unique and avant garde outfits.

I could include more channels on the list, but it would end up being too long. Comment below who your favorite YouTube creator is.

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