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14 Ultimate Organizers from Amazon Your Closet Needs

Are you having a hard time arranging your clothes in the closet? Do you find it difficult to find the right pieces to pair up with at the right time? Here’s a list of organizers available on that will drive all your closet worries away.

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1. Set of 24 Foldable Covers or Storage Bags

These covers are available as a set of 24 covers. The product dimensions are 39 x 44 x 1 cm. These covers are best suited to place each outfit separately. They come with a zip lock and a transparent side to identify the outfit inside.

You can also use these bags for packing clothes for gifting and/or selling them. They are quite sturdy and a good deal for the price.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 479/-

2. Set of 12 Pc Saree Covers

Kanushi saree bags are available as a set of 12 bags. The dimensions of each bag are 33.02 x 40.64 x 7.62 cm. These bags are designed to pack one or 2 outfits together. The covers come with a zip lock and are transparent on one side.

They have bow detailing on top and are perfect for gifting clothes or to pack bridal trousseau. These are also available in multiple color options.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 699/-

3. Pack of 5 Stackable Closet Trays

Onicron t-shirt organizing dividers are available in sets of 5, 10, 15 or 20 trays. These trays are stackable and are most appropriate for shirts and t-shirts. These trays are made of good quality plastic. The dimensions of each tray are 20 x 10 x 10 cm and they are 200gm in weight.

These trays will make it easier to store ironed clothes. They will prevent clothes from getting crumbled. They are designed in a way that it is convenient to place and remove a shirt from the stack without disturbing other clothes.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 449/-

4. Multi-functional Travel Bag

Miniso storage bag is of the size 26 x 13 x 12 cm. This bag is ideal for socks, undergarments, hand-kerchiefs, gym-wear or light-weight luggage. This bag is strong and has a firm handle.

It is washable, durable and water-proof. This tiny addition to your luggage could make your travel life easier.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 283/-

5. Pink Travel Organizer

Miniso zipper bag is a small sized travel bag that comes handy to arrange toiletry, clothes or undergarments. The product dimensions are 21 x 17 x 8 cm. The bag has a zip and has no compartments inside. It also has a handle to carry the bag effortlessly.

This bag is priced accordingly and will be a cute addition to your luggage.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 173/-

6. Classic Storage Box

Miniso storage box is a handy product to store clothes, toys or other supplies. These boxes are available in multiple sizes and colors. They are priced accordingly between Rs. 250 – Rs. 950. They can also be purchased as combos.

These boxes have handles on two sides. Some of them have compartments inside, while this one does not. The quality of the product is good, and it is durable in the long run. The box is moisture proof. It is built on a metal frame, hence the sturdiness.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 460/-

7. Set of 3 Saree Bags

Solimo bags for fabrics and clothes are available as a single piece or sets of 2 or 3. These bags are also available in multiple colors and designs. They can accommodate clothes or other supplies. They have a zip on top to place the clothes in and out of the bag. There is a transparent window in the front.

The dimensions of each bag are 46 x 32 x 22 cm. These bags have a few features missing compared to the other alternatives, however, they are priced accordingly. If you are on a budget, these bags are a steal.

Buy here:

Price: Rs.199/-

8. Quirky Organizer Box for Kids

Miniso organizer box for kids is available in multiple colors and sizes. They are also available as a combination of different sized boxes. These boxes have a quirky bear print, making them ideal for kids.

These boxes can accommodate clothes, toys, books or any other supplies. The dimensions of this box are 29 x 20 x 17 cm.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 360/-

9. Pack of 2 Wardrobe Organizers – 24 litre

Asuvi storage boxes are cheaper when purchased as a pack of 2. These boxes are durable and efficient. The product dimensions are 50 x 40 x 28 cm. They are available in multiple colors, but you will receive the colors as per availability.

These boxes have a zip on top and a zip in the frontal side. There are transparent windows on 3 sides for a view. They can be installed in 30sec. The metal frame inside provides the box with high load bearing capacity.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 849/-

10. Cloth Storage Boxes in Oxford Fabric

BlushBees wardrobe organizer boxes are available in different sizes, ranging from 24 litre to 88 litre. These boxes are also available as packs of 2 or 4. They are sturdy and can handle heavy outfits with no discomfort. These organizers have a zip on top to put the clothes inside and a zip in the front to pull out the desired clothes without disturbing the arrangement.

The boxes also have transparent windows on the sides and in the front, to take a peek at what clothes have been placed, without having to unzip every single time. They also have side handles which makes it easy to pick them up. They can be folded when not being used. The boxes are pricey in comparison to other alternatives, but the quality of the product justifies every penny you spent on it.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 799 – Rs. 3499 (depending on sizes and combos)

11. Foldable Fabric Organizer – 66 litre

Kresal storage box has a volume of 66 litre. This box has 2 zips, one on top and the other in the front. The organizer can be used in the closet, or as a travel bag, or an under-bed bag. It has metal support inside, which makes it strong and stackable.

This box can be folded if it is not in use. It is of fairly good quality. It is a slightly inexpensive than the other alternatives with similar features.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 499/-

12. 66 litre Storage Box

Miniso organizer box has a volume of 66 litre. It is made of strong fabric and has a reinforced handle. This bag has a zipper on top and a zipper on the front. It has a transparent window in the front. It is durable and foldable.

This box is available in multiple colors. It is a multipurpose organizer that can be used for clothes, bedding, toys, or miscellaneous supplies.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 500/-

13. Set of 3 Foldable Blazer Covers

Kuber foldable blazer or suit covers have a zip n the front. There is a hole in the top to place a hanger. The cover has a handle at the bottom, which enables it to be folded.

You can purchase the covers as a single piece or combos of up to 12 covers. They are quite affordable and durable.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 399/-

14. Dual-sided Hanging Organizer

Onepearl closet organizer is ideal for arranging socks, undergarments, household supplies or anything that is small or lightweight. The organizer has 30 mesh pockets, 18 on 1 side and 12 on the other. This comes with a rotatable hanger, which is strong enough to clinch everything together.

Closet Organizers Organizer

This is a very useful product for anyone who has difficulty finding two socks from the same pair or needs to place a pushup bra without losing its shape. The quality fully justifies its price and will leave you satisfied.

Buy here:

Price: Rs. 355/-

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